Soho Pop-In: Universal Palmistry

More than a palm reader, Izaskun Zabala bears the mark of both scientist and translator… and we have the pleasure of hosting her at our Soho wellness pop-up this month.

If you’re in NYC on December 11th, consider spending your evening with Izaskun and Free People as she shares the origin and curious facts about Palm Reading, as well as information regarding personality types, and the 3 main identifying lines in our hands. Learn more about this fascinating woman — and Palmistry — below.

Your zodiac sign:

Cancer, Moon in Taurus, Aries ascendant.

Can tell us a bit about the origins of palmistry?

References to Palmistry appear in texts of the Indian Vedas from about 4,000 years ago. The science of palm reading as medicine and healing emerged in China around the same time. From India, Palmistry migrated east and west. And practiced in the Middle East before Christ, references are found in the Old Testament and the Koran. The crusaders returning from the Middle East brought Islamic art and Palmistry to Europe…

You were fated to be a Palmist. Tell us about your foray into this practice? 

My name means ‘star in the hand’!! I signed up for a Tarot course but the class was full. The teacher offered Palmistry (I never thought of that) and my first introductory class made so much sense.

I want to mention that Palmistry is, in fact, a science which I studied and continue to study. I am not a witchy witchy reader that channels people or sees angels.

What was the first hand line you learned to identify/translate? 

The Heart or Emotional line… to be continued during the workshop next Tuesday!!

Is there one particular “story” you learned from a hand that really sticks with you? 

I do not learn. I observe what lies in a person’s hand, and have a conversation to direct the information properly (because there are many interpretations possible). I talk from my own hand… For instance, if I revisited a relationship that I knew in my heart was not right, a challenging line would appear… When I let go of that person, the line would disappear… (See my answer below.)

Can you describe your assertion that the mind is capable of shifting the patterns in your hand? 

Our hand is formed after our mental patterns; therefore, if/when we consciously change our personality patterns, our hand changes — lines appear/disappear. Fingers can even grow longer!!

Do you have a go-to hand gesture? 

I prefer hugging people when I meet them — this is the way we do it back home.

How do you handle the responsibility of bearing this gift? 

I take it very seriously. You will notice that my readings are very positive ones because I embrace the person AS HE/SHE IS. I come from knowing that we are just perfect as we are, and whatever our characteristics, we need to live life aligned with our true selves. This is simple, yet difficult in our modern society… but ultimately very empowering.

What does mindfulness look like for you?

Mindfulness IN EVERYTHING YOU DO: the way you treat yourself, aka self-love, how you walk, eat, rest, salute, communicate…

Your mantra: 

Everything happens for a reason. I know it may seem unfair for many of us but living away from home for 20 years, figuring things by myself… This mantra has really helped me in difficult and uncertain situations.

+ Izaskun will host her Intro to Palmistry workshop in NY, NY on 12/11 — sign up here.



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i read this article and i really found it informative. Thanks for sharing

I’ve always found reading palms so interesting, even back when I was young! It’s nice to see an informative article on it today, when all the focus is on magic crystals and whatnot!

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