Every Day is International Women’s Day

Thank you for being you, and thank you for joining us in honoring women everywhere…

Did you know that International Women’s Day was first observed over one hundred years ago, in 1911? Until the day comes when we consider EVERY day Women’s Day, we are here to celebrate YOU today and thank you for inspiring and empowering us and the entire Free People community.

Women possess a strength, poise, grace and courage that is worthy of being seen, and heard, and recognized at every turn. We must use these gifts in lifting our sisters and mothers and friends and loves to their fullest potential. Free People strives to achieve this through our partnership with Girls Inc. as well as our community-based events, and we are excited by any opportunity to expand that reach even further.

Free People is a company comprised of over 90% women, and each day we are truly humbled by your friendship and power. As we raise our quintessential FP hats to you, a few of our colleagues took a moment to share with us their heroes, as well as important advice for those seeking growth and acceptance.

Let’s all take pause today and appreciate one another for being the beautiful women we are. #BalanceforBetter.


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Happy International Women’s Day! Thank you for the inspiring read! ✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

4 years ago

Good thoughts to start this day, International Women’s Day, as well as every day. Nikki, Sam, Alex and Melanie represent so many women we each know in our personal sphere- women with good advise, looking to grow and become their best version of themselves, as they nurture and care for others, encouraging them to be their best. It is a grand cycle! Lets keep it going!

4 years ago

I feel blessed to work with such incredible women. thanks Carrie for this post! <3

4 years ago

How nice that Free People is over 90% women. No wonder you are so awesome!

4 years ago

I have love freepeoples clothes for a long time but honestly now whenever I look through your shop or your catalogue all I can think it is just so sad that there is only one body type represented here… it’s 2019, women are tried of only seeing thin women selling us clothes. The way your brand is presented feels narrow and behind the times. I honestly couldn’t focus on the clothes because it just felt so tone def. Please include women of various shapes and sizes and races! Celebrate women by showing all the ways a woman’s body can look and the way your clothes interact with curvy or muscular bodies too! Smart businesses keep up with the culture.