Backstage Pass: Remembering Joshua Tree

We’ve curated a few favorite pix from our recent sojourn in the California desert… Sit back, grab the sunscreen, and embrace the warmth and memories…

Together, in Joshua Tree, we witnessed the hills surrounding our house coming alive with yellow and purple flowers that fought to catch the desert breeze. In the distance hares hopped in and out of the weeds. Bugs, birds and desert creatures made themselves known to us from every direction. The desert heat was thick but the sun nurtured and warmed our skin. 

Our quest to disconnect/connect now complete, we are faced with a new and ongoing challenge: just how do we hold onto and practice those things we learned along the way?

To remember the warmth and purity of the desert breeze.

To take time even within the company of friends to reconnect with self.


“This trip provided us the chance to immerse ourselves

in nature and disconnect from the chaos of our normal daily routines.”¬†


To do things to inspire awe in your day.

To wander aimlessly but with purpose.

To feel good in your skin.


“Experiencing hikes, garden tours, and beautiful meals with a

scenic, mountainous backdrop  was a refreshing way

to connect with the group and our local surroundings.”


To treat your body with respect and feed it well whenever you can.

To embrace a hobby, even if it takes you a lifetime of improving.


Thank you to Vrbo, Levi’s, Danner, Teva, Winc, Pappy & Harriet’s, La Copine, Moorten Botanical Gardens, Two Bunch Palms. XO


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Dea Roark
2 years ago

How do you find out up coming events & wellnss trips?