Office Style: Meet Marina

“Read. Then read some more. Actually, just don’t stop reading — like, ever.”

What did you want to be growing up?

I kid you not — a dentist. However, if you’d asked my mother, she would’ve assured you that I’d one day be a fashion journalist. Turns out: she wasn’t too far off.

Your first job – what/ where?

I worked at a fancy tennis club gym. It was teeny tiny and no one really worked out there (think: more gabbing, less grunting). I spent most of my time reading behind the desk or hiding in the laundry room. It was truly blissful.

Your current position at Free People….

I’m Free People’s resident wordsmith (my LinkedIn says ‘editorial copywriter’, though). I oversee our copywriting team and write all the words you see on our home pages, emails, editorials, catalogs, packaging, special projects…

How did you land at FP?

In another life, I was a lifestyle editor for a magazine. Though I adored it, I was eager to explore opportunities for a brand in-house. When Free People’s recruiter (hi, Brooke!) came calling for an exploratory copy role here, I pursued it single-mindedly. 

Wearing the Leona Platform Boot and the Mixed Signals Liner Jacket

What drew you to it?

It was a no-brainer. I’ve worn Free People since I was a teenager (I wore an FP dress to my high-school semi-formal!) and have always admired their commitment to storytelling. Working for the brand and translating their ethos and imagery into words is genuinely a dream come true.

Proudest work moment:

Easily our 1809 Fragrance Collection. It was truly a labor of love and touched on so many components of copywriting that people don’t realize (Ingredients! Translations! Directions!). From the early ideation to final execution, I collaborated with innumerable FP geniuses — product developers, designers, lawyers, compliance whizzes — to bring our fragrance collection to life. The vision and story were executed so thoughtfully all around and harkened back to the brand’s roots.

That said, having come from print publishing, my heart will always skip a beat when a catalog lands on my desk. There’s nothing like seeing the physical translation of your work.

What advice would you give someone who’d like to be in your role one day?

Read. Then read some more. Actually, just don’t stop reading — like, ever. Every time I’ve had writer’s block, it’s been immediately remedied by reading a book, article, essay — truly anything. I can’t stress this enough: you need to be a good reader to be a good writer.

Favorite part of working at Free People:

The collaboration. Writing can be so solitary (and, ahem, lonely), but at Free People, I’m constantly collaborating with merchandisers, designers, and buyers to write editorials, emails or other projects. It’s creatively and intellectually stimulating every day. 

What’s currently in your shopping cart? 

Dankso Professional Clog

French Girl Replenishing Hair Oil

The Walk On By Cardi

Wrangler Utility Crop Jeans

Jasmine Ruffle Blouse

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Cute dress! Her outfit’s inspired me to wear my combat boots again! ❤️✨

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