Up Close With: Indy Officinalis

And growing microgreens while we’re at it….

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been turning to projects that, pre-2020, may have felt too involved, time-consuming, daunting (insert your reason of choice here).

It’s not that I necessarily have more time these days, but I’ve made a more conscious effort to consider just HOW I’m utilizing the minutes and hours in between emails and meetings to ensure that what I’m doing matters and bears more purpose.

Because… Why not?

When I learned that Indy Srinath, esteemed urban farmer and forager, was going to take part in our Creative Spirit campaign, I was VERY excited. See, one of the things that I told myself I wanted to do with this newfound “me time” was how to grow my own food. And, aside from a sort-of failed attempt at growing Brussels sprouts in a makeshift raised bed in our tiny city “backyard,” I didn’t pursue this self-imposed challenge much further. 

But microgreens? They’re a different story. Says Indy, “Microgreens are an incredible crop to grow from home, rich in potassium, iron, and magnesium; they’re a perfect addition to avocado toast or rustic heirloom salads. Botanically, microgreens are the baby version of your favorite veggies (think alfalfa sprouts, but slightly larger and denser) and because they can be harvested live, they make a beautiful decorative centerpiece.”

“From seed to sprout, you can harvest your greens 

in less than ten days, and their flavor profile ranges 

from mellow, nutty pea shoots to zesty, bold radish greens.”

With only a few materials, you’ll soon realize that your windowsill can be as fruitful a farm as any rolling pasture, your kitchen counter a bountiful garden, verdant with edible greens and nutritious sprouts.

So without further ado, please watch Indy work her magic, and learn how to grow microgreens in YOUR home:

Wearing the Lenox Jumpsuit.


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I’ve wanted to try growing microgreens for the longest time! Inspiring video! ❤️✨

Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

10 months ago


7 months ago