This Year’s Best Festival Makeup

How to achieve the latest festival beauty trend, inspired by Kaleidoscope Skies. 

I am usually the bare-faced girl at festivals, soaked in sunscreen and Chapstick. But when I saw this year’s festival lookbook, the makeup that Aline Weber was wearing, I was obliged to learn more. The miniature shiny silver star glitter eyes had me grinning ear to ear and wondering how in the world I could rock that look at this year’s circuit. So with the help of LA-based makeup and hair artist, Karolina Bernat, we are sharing the step-by-step process on how to achieve this look at home. So long, bare face!



Shopping List

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue eye shadow primer (Sephora)

Flat synthetic concealer brush (Sephora)

Star glitter, small size (Amazon or Makeup Forever)

1) Prep under the eye with a pea-size amount of Too Faced shadow insurance glitter glue using a flat synthetic concealer brush. Remember that a small amount goes a long way — you can always add more.

2) Lay out your star glitter onto a napkin or double dip into the container. Use the flat side of the same concealer brush to grab and apply glitter. Press down on your prepped area. The brush should still be tacky from earlier. If not, use a face rehydrating mist on your brush, like Mac Fix+ or Mario Badescu Rose Water Mist.

3) Continue to add glitter to the desired area. Start closer to the eye, near the outer corner and work your way down and over, creating a soft angle ending at the upper cheek bone.

*If you are using larger glitter, opt for a wedge sponge instead of a concealer brush.




MakeUp_580 Sparkle_post


Thank you, Karolina, for your inside tips and tricks! Follow her Instagram and check out her website. Photos by Melodi Meadows.

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  1. Be sure not to sleep in it and get it in your eye! Those little pieces of metallix glitter can burrow in your eye and cause a lot of damage. This happened to me when I was little and it was not fun. lol

  2. Maintenance of your makeup during the festival should also be considered when deciding on which option to wear. The makeup you apply should not only make you look beautiful, it must make you feel great too. Thanks for this tips!

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