Notes from the Chair: Soothing Summer Skin

Take note, and… take notes! Catalog stylist Deanna Hagan shares tips on nourishing sunburned skin…

This is the first in a weekly series of lighthearted Q&A’s with some of our most talented friends…

Tis the season — summer. And though most of us know what precautions we should take to ward off the sun’s rays, even the best of us get caught off guard and end up looking a little redder than we should. For those moments, Deanna shares 3 tips for bringing your sunburned skin back to life.

21. Water. And lots of it.

It may go without saying… but we’ll do it anyway. Water, water and more water, to rehydrate and replenish moisture — both inside and out — that you lost along the way.

replenishing mask

2. Use a replenishing mask.

Replenishing masks, like this one from Pai, infuse your skin with moisture and vitamins that are depleted by overexposure to the sun. One thing to consider — be mindful not to scrub if your skin is sore or sensitive!


3. Coconut balm/oil can do wonders.

Two important, and often neglected, parts of your body are the neck and décolleté… show them some love!

Or… maybe bypass the sun altogether?

Sometimes nothing beats the real thing but, should you have the forethought, reach for a bottle of vegan self-tanner before going straight for the beach.

+ Any other tips to share? 


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