1. SO nice to finally hear the Free People/Urbn/Anthro story! Always did wonder about that.
    hey fp girl ~ i love your blog, and we’re in the midst of launching NotCouture to join the NOTCOT network of sites and would love to chat with you. Drop me an email? [i couldn’t find the contact info for you on here]
    ~ jean

  2. Well, I was 26 when I discovered Free People but I’m 30 now! ;)
    Thanks for being in love with me.

  3. Doesn’t it bother anyone that the clothes that are called “Free People” and are astronomically over priced are made in China. I mean think about that. The irony of that is just so incredibly sick. I

  4. I love your clothes so much. I’m 41 and most of my closet consists of free people….I think the clothes are just so beautiful and classy… Def my fav brand

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