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Lots of people ask about the history of Free People, how the brand was started, about the relationship with Urban Outfitters, etc. Well, now we have posted our story on our website for all to read. Check it out here!

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16 years ago

SO nice to finally hear the Free People/Urbn/Anthro story! Always did wonder about that.
hey fp girl ~ i love your blog, and we’re in the midst of launching NotCouture to join the NOTCOT network of sites and would love to chat with you. Drop me an email? [i couldn’t find the contact info for you on here]
~ jean

16 years ago

Well, I was 26 when I discovered Free People but I’m 30 now! ;)
Thanks for being in love with me.

6 years ago

Doesn’t it bother anyone that the clothes that are called “Free People” and are astronomically over priced are made in China. I mean think about that. The irony of that is just so incredibly sick. I

6 years ago

I love your clothes so much. I’m 41 and most of my closet consists of free people….I think the clothes are just so beautiful and classy… Def my fav brand