August Catalog Video!

Check out the video for our newest catalog, which drops today!
This catalog features the trend Proper Nomad, which mixes classic menswear and tailoring with more ethnic influences. The catalog also focuses on showcasing the many faces of the Free People girl! Enjoy!


  1. OMG! If I was rich I would buy every piece in this catalog!! I don’t know how you girls do it….I would spend every cent I made if I worked at Free People…lol!!! very nice collection, good job!

  2. I just got the new catalogue today and it is amazing!
    I think fall-esque clothes are my favorite. I love the lay-out , especially the front half where it’s just gorgeous outfits and writing. Cool stuff! I like the video and I’m so glad ya’ll listen to Beirut! Of course groovy clothes would come from groovy people…

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