going up the country

in case any of you are interested (and i suspect one or 2 of you are, especially if you’re my mother), i am accompanying 2 friends on a drive cross-country next week. :)
not sure i’ll have as amazing a collection of travel photos as nike’s, but…i’ll try and share some of my sights/adventures with you via the blog…

maybe i’ll see some of you…asheville, new orleans, austin, etc. :) unfortunately, not in a cool bus such as below…

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11 years ago

are you going through new mexico? i’d be happy to show you around–point you towards cool stuff to photograph.

11 years ago

i think we are…but maybe just breezing through. :(
i’ll definitely post if we are stopping.

11 years ago

i LOVE this video….i can watch it again and again

11 years ago

Oh my gosh, I actually just googled this video the other day. I play a wicked air flute to this song, it’s one of my favorites.