another cool job alert!

free people is looking for a design coordinator assistant to work here in the home office!

the objective of this position is to assist the design team to move developing programs through the process from the initial set up into production, without delays or complications, to ensure the finished product meets the original specifications.

for a full list of job responsibilities, and to apply for this position, click here.

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Does Free People offer any spring/summer internships ?


Thanks for answering !! I will keep updated with the tab or else try next year. :]


If I didn’t fall in love with a man in Boston, I would never ever leave my design coordinator job at FP. My experience here has been truely amazing… the people are amazing, the product is amazing.
Any person applying for this job MUST be beyond organized, MUST not be afraid to speak up, and MUST be one of the world’s greatest multi- taskers. On top of this, you must love FP and take good care of the knits team… my sisters… my family.


Was this position filled?


I will be a college graduate in May with a degree in Retailing. I have researched this company and have decided this is where I want to be. I am a Free People consumer and I understand the style. I am willing to do what it takes and want to see every aspect of the company culture, starting at the store level. What would be my best way to find out about jobs at Free People stores if I don’t live near any? I am willing to relocate. I have already applied online for the Manager in Training position but… Read more »