the lineup for this year’s coachella music festival was announced yesterday…and man i really wish i could go.  but check out this poster…i think they’re getting a little extreme with the varying font sizes, don’t you?  yes, i know that the larger bands are “headliners” but still, i had to take a second look to even notice some of the smaller bands that are playing.  actually, i’m more interested in some of the ones you can barely see…like les claypool, edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros, girls, beach house, deerhunter and big pink.  apparently, fader was on the same wavelength as me…check out their funny article about the poster here.

the lineup still looks amazing though…if you’re having trouble reading it above, check it out here.  what do you all think? anyone going to go?


  1. I went back in 2006 and it was one of the most incredible times of my life. I’m going to do everything I can to make it out there this year! It’s a beautiful feeling being barefoot on a polo field in the desert listening to amazing bands under a cloudless sky!

  2. I agree with the what you said, I am more excited about the “smaller” print bands then the headliners. There are a lot of great bands playing this year. A LOT. Have you checked out Local Natives? They just went on tour with Edward Sharpe. Thought I’d spread the music love.

  3. The whole lineup is amazing, no matter the font size. If I have to starve for a month to afford to go this year, so be it :)

  4. wow who put matt and kim in the fine print? i wish i could go so bad! :( i wish college wasnt so expensive so i could go!

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