why prague?

as you now know, our january catalog was shot in prague…but why?

our team chose the location because it is bohemia. the term bohemian gets mentioned quite often in fashion, and it is definitely a huge influence on the free people aesthetic. but did you know that it refers to the untraditional lifestyle of writers, artists and musicians who came to europe by way of bohemia, the area now known as the czech republic? our team also liked the idea of going to prague because it is a fairytale city untouched by wars. not to mention, both the photographer (david mushegain, who also shot our december book) and our creative director both lived in prague at earlier points in their lives, so they are familiar with the city.




these beautiful photos were shot by our producer during their trip…more to come!

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I LOVE Prague – I went there as a young-un in 2000. It was truly like stepping back in time, and full of musicians, puppet-show, arts and crafts and theatre, beautiful architecture, history. Not a neon light in sight and maybe one billboard on the outskirts of the city. Hopefully it hasn’t changed much since then. I hope to go back someday!


i love prague, truly is a fairytale city! i went with my family a couple years ago and we are going again this summer, so what a surprise to hear that freepeople had their january shoot there! prague is no less beautiful than the more renowned european cities such as paris and barcelona, so kudos for giving it the attention it deserves!

Indeed, I love Prague more because it’s a place most people don’t usually go first. It sort of have this mysterious charm, unlike openly rated European cities like Paris, Rome and Venice.


I love Praha!!! I looked at the new catalogue briefly last night but it was not until this morning that I realized the photo’s were shot in Prague. I honestly did not pay any attention to the background until I found a dress that I liked (the Hundred Spires Dress) and thought “wow that reminds me of Prague”. I will keep this catalogue because it reminds me of my trip several years ago…Thanks Free People for bringing back great memories :-)


These pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!!! I can’t wait to look at the catalog!