a dog bed made of free people bags! our store manager in greenwich sent me the following photos and blurb that was so cute i had to share…

alison is from new york city and is one of our favorite customers in greenwich connecticut.  she saved and recycled our free people shopping bags to make a bed for her dog!  alison cut the fabric into small pieces and wrapped it carefully around a wire cord to create a base for the bed.  she then continued to double the wire cord and wrap the free people fabric strips around as she built the bed walls.  we think it looks amazing and her dogs are very happy campers!

alison made the bed for chelsea, the english cocker spaniel pictured above – but her other dog, ollie (below), likes to steal it because it’s so comfy!


those dogs do look very content! i love this project…it also sort of reminds me of the rag rugs we posted a little while ago (here). hmmm…maybe you could make a rag rug out of free people bags??

thanks for sharing alison!

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13 years ago

I wish I could do this for my dog!! is so cute..

13 years ago

Awww! if my dog didn’t eat everything that she comes in contact with i would love to make her one!

13 years ago

oooh, this is adorable! I’d like to make one
for my cat! :)

Sohyun Kim
13 years ago

Wow.. Impressive! But how many shopping bags does it need? Good excuse to do more shopping at fp.. :)

13 years ago

Hey, my names Alison, I made the bed
It took about 8 bags (i think) and i would get 10 just in case

13 years ago

WOW! Very impressive!! I LOVE it! ;-)