fishtail braid how-to!

i have been dying to learn how to do this ever since i first saw it on some of the models on our website! watch as our makeup artist (and fishtail braid expert!) deanna demonstrates how to do a fishtail braid like the ones on our website and in the pages of our july catalog. featuring our lovely shoe buyer :)

song is “dream baby dream” by black tambourine.


  1. Just did it! :) I didn’t think I’d be able to figure it out, but the video is amazingly helpful! Thanks so much, FP!! <3

  2. just sat here for about 15 minutes trying to figure it out! finally did. can’t wait to show it off at the beach.

  3. My Lithuanian grandma showed me this years ago.If you start closer to your head and do it tightly it keeps for a couple of days. I guess that’s good for farm people.

  4. i tried to learn how to do this ages ago from a magazine. so much easier to actually watch it being done. i love it!

  5. thanks! i used to know how to do this when i was little but have since forgotten… so cute for summer!

  6. so helpful! i saw this in a magazine and could not figure it out! thanks so much for this video :]

  7. first time i watched – i thought i don’t get it. Second time around, I totally got it and now mommas got a new way to braid. Thanks FP!

  8. Thanks so much, FP!! I’ve been seeing this around and I’ve been trying to figure out how they do it! Now I know! Cant wait to try it out! Awesome! :D

  9. I love this look and can do it for my friends, but still have a hard time doing it for my own hair!

  10. yay im so excited i finally figuured out how to do it! if only i didnt have so many layers ! :)

  11. I love the look, but the video didn’t help me understand it . I think it would help if, instead of music, the stylist was speaking and explaining how to do it step by step. I have to say watching it being quickly braided with loud music didn’t help at all.

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