hot hair tip!

so last month we made a little video showing you how to do a fishtail braid – and this month we have a kickass way to spice up your fishtail braid! our stylists and hair/makeup artist are loving this look right now – colorful streaks woven into the braid!

Now this can be done many ways- you can do one color or three, you can actually dye streaks in your hair, or you can put in colored extensions.

for the braid in these images our hair/makeup artist used extensions. she mixed blond, blue, purple and pink extensions together and spread them out before braiding them into a fishtail, which she then clipped into the model’s hair. simple enough, right?

here it is on a larger scale in our august catalog:


i love it and i am definitely going to try it!


  1. I absolutely adore this hair accessory! I have dark red, almost purple looking hair, what colors do you think I can mix into that color hair?

  2. I freaking adore this look, and I’m planing on rockin it @ BurningMan NEXT MONTH!!!!!!!!!!! Any suggestion on where to get extention???

  3. This is lovely! I’m actually about to purchase some purple hair extensions but how did you get the color to be such an earthly, faded color?

  4. Direct sunlight is one of the common causes of hair damage. Even when you are wearing hair extensions, still protect your extensions and most especially your real hair from direct sunlight.

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