when i was at a.c. moore the other day getting supplies for my hair wrap, i saw a DIY dream catcher kit and i couldn’t resist. i never realized how easy they are to make! you don’t even need the kit- you can find whatever supplies you want to make your own personalized dream catcher at an arts and crafts store or around the house!

what you need:

– a ring of whatever size you’d like – it could be metal, plastic, wood – whatever :)

– suede lace or thin strips of fabric

– artificial sinew (the yellow thread) – this is what came in the kit, but i feel like regular string would work too.

– feathers, beads and any other little trinkets you want to add!

wind the suede lace around the metal ring.

when you get all the way around, tie the ends together in a knot:


i left a little bit of extra lace at each end so i could use that to hang it from something.


take the string and knot it at your starting point, and then start looping it around the metal ring as seen in the photo. when you get all the way around the outside, start looping it around itself, and keep going till you get to the center:



now start adding your little trinkets! the kit came with the suede piece at the top, but it’s definitely not necessary.  i put a little silver feather on the inside, and used the leftover suede lace to attach beads and feathers at the bottom. i tied the feathers to the lace with the string, but there’s probably a better way to do that :)



i love the end result! it’s a very nice addition to my workspace.


and now i’m already thinking about what i want my next dream catcher to look like! i think it would look really cool to make one with thinly cut strips of fabric – maybe from old free people bags!? or an all-natural one, using a stick for the ring, hemp and decorated with leaves, feathers and dried flowers…yep, done.


  1. love it! i had a feeling that you guys would post a tutorial on making a dream catcher because they are just so free people-ish…i made one a couple of months ago for my school’s art show and i used willow branches…much harder to work with but it looks so organic and earthy so its worth it :) i will email you guys a picture of mine! your idea of hemp and dried flowers sounds very interesting…you should do an all natural dream catcher tutorial! anyway keep up the awesome tutorials, this blog is a real inspiration! thanks!

  2. It is nice. I made two last night. If you are open to suggestions, pull your sinew tighter. That will also allow you to get more rounds inside the ring. But it is still is pretty.

  3. lise- i am def going to! and you should send a pic of yours :)
    mallory- thanks for the tip :)
    jesse- yours is soo beautiful i love that you used sticks!

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