more DIY inspiration

kaitlin, a sales associate at our roosevelt field mall store in NY, uses old free people catalogs to make these awesome notebooks and frames! i keep all of my old fp catalogs and use them in collages, but i might have to try this instead…




i love her collages! thanks so much for sharing kaitlin :)


  1. That’s so funny because I do the exact same thing. My school notebook is entirely a free people collage and I have made 2 frames as well. Great minds think a like!

  2. The catalogs are so beautiful that I don’t want to do this! I think about it everytime a creative idea for them though is posted… but can’t do it! I have a few years worth. I collect FP catalogs :)

  3. @sprinkles – i will find out for you!
    g! – that’s so cool you collect them- we’ve only had catalogs since ’07 so you must have most of them!

  4. I can’t believe other people collect freepeople catalogs too! lol i felt kinda weird til now doing that but they are so beautiful and stylish in a not going out soon unique way the outfits are put together they just always inspire me so i have them back a few years. At least til before the first (an only i think) intimately free catalog…

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