where to stay in kent

while shooting our september catalog our team stayed in the gorgeous chilston park hotel, a historic manor house in lenham, kent, that has been home to politicians, writers and lords.  not only is it located in the heart of the scenic “garden of england,” the hotel is full of history, with rooms that still have their original fireplaces, four-poster beds and antiques. here are some photos our team took…

i love all the cool old cars!

sept catalog shoot UK 043

sept catalog shoot UK 042

sept catalog shoot UK 005

sept catalog shoot UK 003

sept catalog shoot UK 004

sept catalog shoot UK 014

sept catalog shoot UK 049

sept catalog shoot UK 113


after a long day of shooting they walked through the fields at sunset to the pepperbox inn – england’s oldest brewer.  how cool!

sept catalog shoot UK 082


sept catalog shoot UK 088

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11 years ago

I know a lot of folks will not agree. you could save some $$$$, (maybe enough for free shipping to customers), if you did you photo shoots local. Really every think could be just as interesting & beautiful … after all it is about the clothes…

11 years ago

Love the “Advice and Poetry at the Pepperbox Inn
Whenever I visit Kent Thats where I’m going for sure!!
woo beer!

11 years ago

Good point con.

10 years ago

as i was looking at this i was thinking the PRECISE thing con said. <3