hair tip!

so a couple of you have asked us how we get our models’ hair so relaxed, wavy and perfect… which is a great question. so i asked our hair/makeup artist deanna and here is her method! i tried it out myself and it works wonderfully…

first, slightly dampen hair with a styling spray – she uses bumble and bumble.

next, separate the hair into two pieces down the center. then separate those two into two. start with 2 strands, either the left side or the right of head,  and twist the hair away from the face. then take the 2 twisted strands and twist them together. secure on top of head with a hair clip.

allow time to dry, then remove clips and shake out hair.


and that’s it!

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11 years ago

Thank you so much for posting this! it has been a question of mine for quite some time now!

11 years ago

Thanks for posting!! I love this look. Tell Deanna to keep the tips coming to all her fp girls!! :)

11 years ago

This is so helpful! Thank you… I wondered how that was done, I do not heat style my hair at all..(it is below NO heat!) I will try this look in the morning. Thanks!!!
Yes keep the hair tips coming. :)

11 years ago

I’m doing this tonight. Thanks for the post!☮ ♥

11 years ago

What do you recommend for curly haired girls?

11 years ago

This is amazing! I’ve been dying to know how to obtain the perfect bed head ever since I first discovered Free People! What other hair product would work if we don’t have the Bumble and Bumble?

11 years ago

Also, I would LOVE to see an article about how the makeup is done! Just the easy, boho makeup ideas! And help PLEASE?

11 years ago

I just tried this and it worked amazing! Especially for day old hair, it was a nice way to freshen up. Thanks for the post! Elle – I used a plain old curl-refreshing spray and it worked great. It also gave a little bounce to my hair.

11 years ago

I have really thin hair, and tried this while my hair was still damp from my shower, let it sit a bit and blow dried it, perfect! I have a hard time getting my styles to stay, and it’s still rockin’ with lots of body!

11 years ago

did this today and it worked great! i’m not great at styling my long hair and now i have something that’s easy and beautiful.

11 years ago

will this work even on super thick hair?

11 years ago

haha, beautiful hair style, very natural. Will this work even on super thin hair?

9 years ago

I have curly/wavy hair and this doesn’t give me that bed head look. Any help? Thanks