In touch with our designers

We caught up with our crafty knits designer to find out what she is inspired by.

In the outside world, what inspires me?…

I’m really loving all the costumes on Boardwalk Empire. The girls are dreamy, milky white skin with burgundy lips, and then all of the amazing 20s styling, oooh! So inspiring. Also loving the outdoorsy/early 90s styling on the classic TV series Twin Peaks for Fall. There were at least 3 awesome boxy tops I wanted in my closet from season one alone.

Sheer sheer sheer legs! Sheer stockings, maxis, skirts, pants & leggings. I know after the fall silhouette meeting the girls were feeling this way, but personally I think it might have more to do with my relatively new leg tattoo?!

I’m always listening to New Order, Morrissey, The Stone Roses, etc. but lately I can’t stop listening to oldies and lady gaga! Go figure! I can’t get enough of the color red. Red lips, and accessories. And ginger boys and girls too. Hehe ;)

Design-wise I’m going crazy over doing really fashion forward bodies with embellishment/ fp trim details. Finding the perfect combination of cool body with cool artwork/trims details is the best – It feels so fresh and makes me really happy!

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13 years ago

I just like to seeing beautiful girls even though I am a sweet girl as well. Haha

13 years ago

I love free people… but r there any black models? I dont mean one in every 3 months. Do clothes pertain to only one specific type of people? reading the designers comments seems like it pertains to only the paled skinned girls? hmmmm still love the clothes :)

13 years ago

hi! yes we do use black models, and our clothes are most definitely not just for a specific type of girl! the designer was only referring to the girls on the show boardwalk empire, but we are inspired by all girls, everywhere :)

13 years ago

Not only does FP consistently have black models, but they noticeably use all types of different girls to represent the brand. Clearly the designer wasn’t trying to insinuate anything about skin type so why make it about that..

13 years ago

i like hearing about what inspires the designers :)

p.s. WHYYYY are there always those people who have to make a comment like that first one, and to “hmm” hahahaha soooo true!!

13 years ago

I wanna be a FP model! Yay! Big fan, I spend all my paychecks on FP clothing.

Claire Anne
13 years ago

I also get inspired by the women and styling on boardwalk empire, many times the costumes have reminded me of the fp style :)

13 years ago

I absolutely loveeee fp!!!!(: it has pretty much made my life…i’d loveeee to be a fp model. god i can’t even imagine..