1. this is unrelated, but i’m seeking fashion advice. i was looking at buying the Victorian Loves Lace Dress in cream for a christmas party. i was hoping to wear my new black heels, so i was wondering, do you think the cream dress would look good paired with black tights and black heels? does cream pair well with black?? i also like the dress in black as well, but didn’t want to do head-to-toe black. maybe the black dress with black heels paired with a different color tight?? i’m puzzled and seeking fellow free people followers’ advice. how would you guys style the dress? i’m kind of adamant on wearing the black heels with it, but if you guys have better suggestions i would love to hear them! thanks!

  2. mel, can you post a link to the dress? i could only find a victorian lace slip in black on the website. what do your black heels look like?

  3. great. thanks for your input! i was worried they might not go well together. i’m used to pairing black and white instead of cream. and emily, i wrote a comment with the link to the dress but it’s “awaiting moderation”. i don’t know if that’s because it has links in it or what, but hopefully it will be approved soon enough. thanks guys!

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