writing on the wall

our senior stylist recently moved into a new home and painted one of the walls with chalkboard paint – such a fun idea! friends can leave little drawings and notes when they stop by, and it would come in handy for bursts of inspiration! i love how elegant her’s looks with the mantel and mirrors – and don’t you love the fire someone drew :)

there are so many cool things you can do with chalkboard paint…here’s some more inspiration from around the web.




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A family I nanny for has a chalkboard painted wall in there kitchen, me and the kids always go crazy on it! haha best invention ever

Manda Gabrielle

an amazing idea! It’s beautiful and creative! Love it!

Anna Clare Culp

We are close to closing on the house we are under contract with and I’ve already decided on painting a section of the kitchen with this chalkboard paint! It’s really becoming popular to do, but I love it! I think it’s cute to think we can write up the Christmas Eve Dinner Menu on there for the holidays next year, and other exciting events! It’s such a great way to get ideas out, and it’s fun to know there is always going to be change going on, so it won’t get boring!

This has been a trend for some time now and seems to be picking up speed. Lots of potential for fun!

I’m just glad that there are some delightful folks out there who aren’t afraid of dark walls like these. Paired with light trimwork, it looks stunning, cozy, and effortlessly chic.


I painted a whole wall in black chalkboard in my room a couple of summers ago, I still have it. It’s so much fun, if anyone is considering doing it, DO IT!
I’m 16, so it’s cute for all ages!

Why, this is so nice! I’ll do it sooner!!


How much do I love this?….to many to count the ways!