A trend we love

Whoever knew the hem line could be this adventurous. The spring 2011 big trend is the hi-low silhouette, and we are huge fans!

We love the peek-a-boo factor that this look gives, a great way to show off your lovely shoes and a little bit of your leg when spring hits. It’s a look that’s making a romantic comeback from the 70’s in a new modern way. Play around with the look and add a little petticoat or slip to make it slightly more dramatic.

Recently Natalie, one of our favorite bloggers rocked the look on her blog and made us 100% sure that this trend is the one for spring.

Natalie’s Blog: www.natalieoffduty.blogspot.com

Hi-low shop: Fp hi-low shop

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11 years ago

love it!!

11 years ago

Love the blue dress in the post. I can imagine myself throwing on lots of necklaces and piling on bangles with the dress.

xoxo The Fashionably Ever After (blogspot)

11 years ago

is this quote from a keri smith book?

11 years ago

I love it! I have a few things that are hi-low hem and I really like it!

11 years ago

blue dress chrishell were that in the feb short video catololg film it has a carribian feel

11 years ago

love this trend!! i also love that blue dress. how cute.