1. andrea- i dont have a mac so i’m not totally sure but if you go to flickr and click on the one you want (widescreen or regular), then right click on the image and go to the large size, and there should be a button that you can click to download.

  2. YAY! I was just looking for this yesterday actually on your flikr page so I was happy to see it up now! :) Switched from your January wallpaper right away.

  3. andrea – just go to the flicker account and choose actions, view all sizes. there hold down control and click on the image and save it. then go to your computer and click on system preferences. on that window click desktop and screen saver, on the left hand side there is a + sign. you can click on that to find your image, or if you saved it on your desktop you can choose it from there. i usually select fill screen. but there it is!! good luck love.

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