store style!

our fp girls in the northwest and southwest districts did a fun little project where they took photos of their outfits for a week and uploaded their favorites to a photo album that they shared with me for the blog! they always have the best styling ideas and look amazing- see for yourself:










so cute!!! thanks ladies :)


  1. does anyone know who makes the top in left photo of the first row and the layered tops in the second row?

  2. I’m not sure if anyone mention, is there place where FP fanatic can post up the FP outfits? It be fun to see people outfits. = )Love the outfits!

  3. Love those fringed slips! Thanks for all those styling ideas. Hope to see more from those stores!

  4. What brand are the boots that the girl with the tan maxi sweater and pink camera are wearing?!

  5. wonderful collection of photos and outfits!
    you have a photo (#14) where the outfit is laid out on the ground…. those boots! Love those boots, can you tell me what brand they are, pretty please.

  6. What black sheer lace skirt/dress is she wearing? She has it on with a mustard yellow jacket and pink scarf…thanks!!!

  7. do you know where the asian girl is when she took that picture?? (second picture from the top) the painted wall and the windows are so pretty!!

  8. allie – hey allie! it’s me, “the asian girl” :) the photo of me was taken at Santana Row in San Jose, CA. It’s an outdoor shopping center where our Free People is located :)

  9. Okay so I bought the black and beige skirt and wore is as a strapless dress over a blank tank. I paired it with one of your cream cardigans with flowers I got so many complements

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