tunesday: stevie nicks

i feel like i’ve been hearing a lot about stevie nicks lately… maybe its because she’s touring right now so she’s at the forefront of people’s minds.   even my boyfriend has a crush on her- which is totally fine, she’s amazing (the first concert he ever went to was fleetwood mac, isn’t that cute?). one of my friends posted this video on facebook today and watching it, i’ve got a bit of a crush on her too.  so, since we could all use a little stevie every once in a while, here’s that video and some of my fave quotes and pics of her. she will always be one of those inspirations that never, ever goes out of style.

“She is like a cat in the dark
And then she is the darkness”

“Like a heartbeat drives you mad
In the stillness of remembering
What you had
And what you lost…”


“And it all comes down to you
Well you know that it does, well…
Lightning strikes…maybe once…maybe twice…
Oh and it lights up the night
And you see your gypsy”


“She broke down and let me in
Made me see where I’ve been
Been down one time
Been down two times
I’m never going back again”



“rock on, gold dust woman”



  1. Julia, I was rocking out to this song this morning!! Stevie Nicks is my ultimate icon and so inspirational!!

  2. My dad just saw Stevie Nicks and Rod Stewart in Philly and he called me right afterwards to tell me that I needed to start listening to her if I didn’t already… she must be in the air lately!

  3. I am in love with Stevie Nicks! A lot of my friends and family tell me that I am stuck in the past, but every word and lyric she sings sounds so fresh and young. She puts me in the happiest moods when I am having a bad day. I can simply escape from the present and drift into the bleak future! She is amazing!!

  4. Oh what a lovely post. I adore Stevie and I can definitely sense her in the spirit of the FP aesthetic.

  5. Mick Fleetwood just came to Hawaii this past weekend for a concert. My husband asked, “that guy was in Fleetwood Mac?” My reply was, “Yes, along with one of my idols — STEVIE NICKS!” She is FABULOUS!

  6. just did a photo project inspired by stevie!
    love her spirit.
    she IS everywhere..and i’m lovin’ every minute of it! the weather is perfect for some fleetwood mac and buckingham nicks tunes..i can feel that summer is around the corner :)

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