floral headpiece how-to

inspired by the haku leis in our may catalog, our crafty studio team went out and bought some beautiful flowers and made head pieces for their web shoot! they are so sweet and easy to make and the best part is, if you wear one you get the added bonus of smelling like a tropical flower – without having to go to hawaii :)


what you need: green crafting wire, scissors and fresh flowers




start by wrapping the wire around your head to get the approximate size – wrap it around twice for a sturdier headpiece. then simply add flowers and leaves as you please, using more wire to attach them to the headpiece. and that’s all there is to it!




add as much or as little as you want and experiment with different flower and color combinations, sort of like making a bouquet!


these would be so fun to wear to a summer concert or outdoor party :)







  1. Ok! So there is this guy in Newport Beach who cruises his skateboard around town wearing these very same floral headpeices. He once asked me to model his creations in his Mom’s back-yard. I sweetly declined (as he was a bit unkept and wasn’t sure if he was fabulous…..crazy……or actually homeless). Thanks for the tutorial! Now I can make my own and ask my hubby to take pics of me!

  2. What a superawesome great Idea!! Guess who’ll be making alot of these this summer. Thanks again Free People <3

  3. It’s a gorgeous look. But when overdone looks silly. and yes a girl here did over do it. Fake flowers are nice for the environment but certain looks are better with real flowers.

  4. Adorable!!! These would be sooo cute to wear to an outdoor concert or to the beach, also mkes for lovely photo ops(: made one for my dog to try it first and she looked like a little angel!!! I adore Free People!! Thank you for making this blog, it is so inspirational!!! ( : <3

  5. This shoot was beautiful. I love wearing flowers in my hair! It is so pretty and feminine

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