summer store displays!

i’m so excited to show you our new summer store displays now that they’ve been installed in all of our stores! these photos are from the opening of our new houston galleria store.

here at the navy yard our display team gets to work painting straw baskets! these photos make you realize just how much hard work and crafting they do…




ombre rope dying for what will be a very cool part of the display!




welcome to houston!


the new store space is like a blank canvas about to be brought to life.


the display team works their magic with the ombre rope to create an amazing macrame wall installation!





the opposite wall is adorned with this incredible rope tapestry pieced together with yarn, pom-poms and trims from india.



the delicate “sari dori” display that drapes from the ceiling is made of strips of fabric from indian saris strung together.



i love all the beautiful dark wood.


the bottoms of the baskets have been painted with neon colors and hung on the walls and above the cash-wrap as lights! so awesome.




they’re also great for holding plants :) which leads me to my favorite part of the new displays…


the window display, where these incredible swings live! i would kill to have one of these at my beach house. i mean really…




so beautiful.  and stay tuned, because i have not one but two amazing pieces of the summer displays to give away on the blog… trust me, you don’t want to miss this one ;)

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11 years ago

Oh my gosh! Too cool! It looks like a LOT of hard work went into these displays! they are amazing!

11 years ago

I have the cream dress with the flowers in the display window. What is the mannequin wearing under the dress? It’s too low by itself and I love that color!

11 years ago

Oh my gosh, how perfect. Hmm. I may have to try this macrame wall design. LOVE it.

strawberry freckleface

11 years ago

OBSESSED with the rope and dying process, I love knotting things and macrame and this just got me super excited :) thanks for posting!

Megan Harvey
11 years ago

beautiful! i wish we had a free people store in vegas! i came across the brand last year i believe and am recently obsessed haha awesome crafts done for the displays. wish i was more crafty.

11 years ago

incredible. would kill for one of those swings!

11 years ago

I work at FP hollywood and had such a blast setting up the summer install! So much work goes into designing the sets and then actually setting them up in-store! I love the creative process, it’s such an amazing experience to be a part of!! :D

11 years ago

A.mazing! When are you going to open a store in New Orleans? We SO need a Free People store here!!! :-)

11 years ago

You guys are incredible… You seriously blow me away! I want your design team to decorate my house! Haha

11 years ago

This is simply amazing! I would love nothing other than to just see your stores in person, but we don’t have one close by. :( grr!


Amber Lynn
11 years ago

god i wish i could replicate all the colors and themes you do to my house

11 years ago

incredibly creative & spectacular!

Rebecca McElheny
11 years ago

What a talented group!!!! I love the displays, they are amazing. Please tell us how to make the macrame throw on the swing, along with the ropes holding it. Also, would love to know how to make the flowers for the tapestry wall hanging. Beautiful!!!!!

11 years ago

Wow, so creative! Looks amazing!! :O

11 years ago

oh that is so amazingly colorfully beautifully inspiring. it really creates a great escape in your shop. i would never want to leave. :)
peace & love

11 years ago

That’s what I thought, Julia. Thanks!

11 years ago

If only my room could be decorated like a Free People store!! This is by far my favorite store display i’ve seen

Beautiful!! I use to work in visual display as well as fashion styling online… and I can totally appreciate the creative process and work that goes into stunning store displays! The rope tapestry is amazing… and the hanging basket lights… very cool!! I’m loving the swing, too!! Your store set up is gorgeous and very creative… absolutely LOVE!! Can you tell…LOL??? ;)


11 years ago

you know, i am an older woman, 63, and i adore FP!!! we have a store in Nashville, tennessee and i am amazed with the creativity and the clothes. i do buy from fp and this granny loves it….. the rope display is awesome.

11 years ago

Amaaaazingly beautiful!

11 years ago

AMAZING!!!!! love love love

11 years ago

wait wait wait, HOUSTON!!???? Where?!

11 years ago

whoops, just read Galleria.. which I assumed anyway. SUPER EXCITED. Will be heading to the galleria sunday lol

11 years ago

wow thats amazing! you guys need a store in toronto!