the may catalog video

good morning! start your day on a little tropical getaway with our may catalog video, shot in hawaii by frédéric lagrange featuring models tallulah morton and elsa hosk. music is by the percentie brothers. enjoy :)


  1. When is the catalog coming!!!??? I Can not wait! Looks like its going to be one of my favorites!!!!!

  2. Once again you guys never cease to amaze me! Absolutely in love with the tropical umbrella. I could totally see this as a commercial on TV…one that’d I watch over and over.
    LOVE the Summer Vibe!

  3. hey freepeople you are constantly amazing and i love this video!!! Can’t wait for the catolog to get to my house since I’m sick and have nothing to do and when a freepeople catolog comes it always cheers me up. Also what is the song playing in the video? i really like it!

  4. i’m moving to hawaii.. why is it that ever since my first visit there i’ve seen pictures of people, advertisements, met people who happen to always mention hawaii, everywhere i go!! am i seeing signs that my great getaway is my destiny?!?

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