Thursday Poll: Cropped Bralletes!

Cropped bralletes are everywhere. I think just about every girl has one in her wardrobe nowadays, and I don’t know that this was so typical 10, 15, 20, 30….years ago. With fashion being cyclical, it’s tough to find things that are unique to our decade. Of course, bras have always been around, but the way we’re wearing these pieces feels entirely new. They’re useful to have. You can layer them under tanks with big armholes, t-shirts with back cutouts, or anything with a droopy neckline for that pop of something pretty, edgy, ethnic – whatever you want that pop to be.

So what do you want that pop to be? Let us know!

Sexy Lace

Edgy Print

Romantic Shade and Texture

new Romantics Woven Bustier

Flirty and Innocent

zinke lace crop bralette

Funky Ethnic Design

chevron seamless halter bra

Boho Floral

love you more bustier


  1. The Romantic brallette and the Innocent are my favorites. The Romantic is intricate but simple enough that it wouldn’t take away from what you were wearing on top. The Innocent is very feminine and could be worn with a simple tee or anything really. I feel that could be dressed up or down easily!

  2. It’s just something about #3 that’s just so calming. peaceful, and so, so romantic.. I would definitely feel very comfortable wearing this top out and that’s unusual for someone who’s really usually all covered up.

  3. I need to get myself a bralette like one of these to go under one of my free people dresses (:

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