Visiting Chicago For The First Time…

Chicago is a city I fell in love with, there’s something about the tone of the city that brings a new feeling to me. I’m British and exploring American cities is always a great adventure.

While we were there attending Pitchfork Festival we ventured around the city to get a true taste of what Chicago was about. We stayed at The James Hotel right on Ontario Street giving us easy access to make Chicago our own.  There were a number of nights we stuffed ourselves with Chicago Dogs and Deep Pan Pizzas and took late night strolls along the Chicago River – winding down after a hectic day at the festival. I met up with some of the store managers of our Chicago store they made me feel more connected to the city telling me tales of their lives living there.

 Chicago we love you, you’re a windy city that’s mighty pretty.

Photo Credit ~Nathan Kula
















  1. The first and fourth pictures of Jemma are just gorgeous! The fifth picture is so cool looking, and making me so excited to go on my NY trip, and soak up all the big city culture! I also love the bracelets and rings! xoxo

  2. I love Chicago too, and these amazing photo’s capture the cool aspect of the city. I also like the fact that’s it’s on the Michigan shoreline :)

  3. Looks amazing! My best friend is moving to Germany and we would love to have a personalized bracelets of her name…where did you get those gold bracelets?

  4. Hey guys, the bracelets are by Erica Weiner from NYC she has a beautiful website

  5. You should have explored Wicker Park! Such cool style, cool people watching, interesting street art, fun vintage and etsy-esque stores. On Sundays I pick up some cheap & delicious mexican food and lemonade at Big Star (it’s like my Austin fusion joint in this city), browse the Farmer’s Market, and then sit in the actual park in Wicker Park and watch the softball games/play with the dogs that run about/listen to the classical guitarist that always plays at the fountain. It’s one of my favorite neighborhoods, definitely my favorite in Chicago.

  6. haha lovely, we stayed at the james for pitchfork as well, too bad i didn’t run into the free people crew :)

  7. Hi there! Love the shots of my home city. It is beautiful there. Do you know when more pitchfork style photos will be posted? The post says “more to come later” and I’m dying to see them!

  8. hey Ingrid, there’s more coming Monday. I can’t wait to share with you guys, plus photos of the bands on Tuesday.

  9. i love the picture of the wrist with braclets! where can I can get a personalized name braclet like that?! i neeeed to have one! :)

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