September Catalog: Behind the Scenes with the Dogs!

As you may have seen by now, we had a very special cameo by one of our beloved home office pups in the September catalog – Toby! I caught up with Toby the other day to ask him about his experience shooting his first Free People catalog :)


Were you nervous about being a part of our September catalog shoot? I was a little nervous, but once we started shooting, I relaxed.

What did you do to prepare for the shoot? Well, I’m a natural so I didn’t do much. I had a bath and made sure my paws were extra clean.

What did you think of Bambi, the model you posed with? She was great! I think we complimented each other well. At first, she was a bit scared of me, but after she realized I was a gentle giant, she had fun.

What was your favorite part of the shoot? Being showered with cookies and attention from all the ladies :)

Do you get stopped on the street now that you’re a famous catalog model? Not so much…

Will you be doing any more modeling in the future? I hope to. I am available :)

Do you have a favorite item from the September catalog? I love the Americana Sweater Jumper.

What’s your favorite thing about Fall? Boots and the cooler weather!


Toby wasn’t the only pup on set at the September shoot! He had a bud to hang out with – Ace!



Ace lives on the farm in New Tripoli where our catalog was shot. He lost his leg when he was hit by a car but he is doing just fine now! He had a blast during the shoot and LOVED all the attention from the ladies :) He is one happy dog!



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soo adorable! is toby a Bernese mountain dog by any chance?


Ainda nada escrevi sobre isso. Agora que eu estou na frente do computador intransigente parece um otimo lugar. Assim pelo que vi nas fotos abaixo que parece que cuidar dos animais domesticos ´inveterado. Hoje eu tenho convivido com cachorros sem raça mas logo tratei quando mudei-me para ca educa-los com caricias.

What a fun idea, I love it!

Megan Weber

Toby this season will be sporting a barrel around his neck.