Leap Day Giveaway!

There’s something special happening next week – something that doesn’t happen very often… Leap Day!

We wanted to do something special to celebrate this rare occasion, so we did a little bit of spring cleaning in our accessories department and scrounged up some awesome stuff to give away. I organized the accessories into goodie bags for each fp girl – meaning we’ll have five winners!

All you have to do is click here and fill out the brief form, and tell us which fp girl you are.

We’ll pick a winner for each girl on Leap Day, Wednesday 2/29!

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11 years ago

Hope I win

11 years ago

fingers crossed!

11 years ago

Omgosh…this is so exciting!! I hope I win!!! I never win anything, but this is so awesome, I’m hoping my luck turns around for this one!! :)

11 years ago

exciting! i had a hard time deciding which girl i was like

11 years ago

I <3 FP giveaways! What an awesome idea!!!

11 years ago

That will be a perfect birthday gift! I turn 29 on February 27! ;)

11 years ago

i feel like i’m such a combination of several of the fp girls it was so hard to pick just one! but crossing my fingers to win! <3

11 years ago

These are amazing!!! hoping I get picked!

11 years ago

what a fabulous giveaway! <3 thank you, FP!!!

11 years ago

I love love love!!!!! Today is my Birthday and what a GREAT day it would be if you would Please pick me (: Love FP!

11 years ago

Would love to win the Molly items to add to my current wardrobe! I’m in need of a new one, but these accesories would complete any spring outfit!!! I really hope to win this leap day giveaway contest!
I <3 Free People. "“How does one become a butterfly?" she asked. "You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar.”

11 years ago

Oh my goodness. I have never won anything in my life, and I love your stuff, but we don’t have a free people anywhere near me. :( I hope I win!!!!!

Ash Whit
11 years ago

Molly’s a great addition!!!! jelly belly over her closet!

Sarah Ashman
11 years ago

Leap Day is my birthday! Turning “5” at long last…what could be a more perfect way to celebrate than with a FP goodie bag, I wonder? ;)

11 years ago

I love FP!! So really hope i win :D

11 years ago

Oo fun!! Happy leap day !!

11 years ago

FR! changed my life.

11 years ago

This would be the best thing ever, I love Free People!

11 years ago

feathers, leather, and beads!! <3

Lisa Morris
11 years ago

Free people~Love & Blessings in All you do~*

11 years ago

I think my favorite thing about the fp girls is that the concept reminds me of the American Girl dolls I loved so much when I was little – every one has a personality and you find the one you bond with most, but you still borrow from the other ones when you see something you think is cool, making it unique and your own.

Jenny Lane
11 years ago

Meadow all the way! Oooooooh I hope I win! Also, I was so pleased to see that Canadians were eligible to enter <3 <3 <3 THANK YOU!! Canada is full of Free People.. hope to see more of your stores here soon!

11 years ago

Every Free People’s “girls” speak to me on different days in different ways. But, Meadow pulls slightly more so on heart’s strings of style. Thanks Free People for creating such beautiful, inspiring, and fun brand that so many of us feed off of. * <3 *

11 years ago

I am a good mix of these girls. I definitely find myself at an awkward cross between Lou and Meadow, but have a desire to be ginger!

11 years ago

I am indian and french so the items that you are showing are just what i need . I’m unemployed right now so this is something that would really cheer me up. I love everything you showed and for you to do something this special is just awsome . thank you