Makeup Monday: Mascara Tips

Whenever I apply my mascara I always forget the fundamental tips that make the most of the notion. I apply a quick coat just enough to wake them up a little, then walk straight out the door…  the other day I realized spending a little more time on the technique of the strokes does for sure make quite a bit of difference to the way your lashes frame your eye.

They become pretty little attractions that can be quite flattering! Your eyes can be powerful so why not pay them a little more attention in the mornings before you leave the house? Here are 3 easy tips to remember when working your lashes.

3 simple tips:

1: Wiggle the brush left to right at the base of lashes. It’s the mascara placed near the roots, not the tips that gives the illusion of length.

2: Pull the brush up and through the lashes, wiggling as you go. This separates the lashes creating a soft and beautiful look

3: Close the eye and place the mascara brush on top of lashes at the base and pull through to remove any clumps and then finish them off with an eyelash curler for a full effect.

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8 years ago

It would be great if you can do vide

8 years ago

~ Thanks for your wonderful post…
I love all articles about eyelashes, mascara, as I have really straight lashes and when properly curled makes my eyes look bigger and gorgeous..

I so love sharing with others about great products.~ The best ever“ heated eyelash curler I have ever found is the Hot Lashes eyelash curler, makeup Artist kit. Loved the reviews on Amazon and was impressed. There is also a site of the same name Hot

This curler is exactly like the Shu Uemura curler with a amazing 24K gold plated curler and this small pink heater base. Keeps my lashes curling till the next day. and my eyes really pop…HTH~

8 years ago

I love pretty eyelashes, they can be very flirtatious when they want to be

8 years ago

I’m unsubscribing from your company because of your owners views. I’ll be taking my business somewhere else.

8 years ago

hi keaton, im not with fp- im curious to know who the owner of fp is though and what views s/he’s expressed that have offended you (in case i also find them unsupportable!)- please respond!

8 years ago

I second christine, it would probably be nice to know as well.
(i am not affiliated with the company either BTW)

8 years ago

i think this is along the lines of what keaton is referring to for anyone who is interested…

8 years ago

The link that Sarah posted I think is what Keaton is talking about. It is such a disappointment what the link talks about! I totally agree with Keaton and although I love UO, anthropology and free people, I will no longer participate and contribute to a campaign that is against gay equality. It’s nice to know where our money goes too and disappointing.

8 years ago

What Keaton says is true, but then the owner allied with the National Center for Lesbian Rights to create a T-shirt. I don’t know if that redeems him in your eyes, but it appears that he has had a change of heart.

8 years ago

Never use a eyelash curler after applying mascara, because the mascara will stick to the curler and your eyelashes will get stuck and you don’t want to pull out your eyelashes.

7 years ago

Great tips, to my thick long eyelashes and should give good looks