Style File: Creative Design Assistant

This week’s Style File fills one of the neatest positions here at Free People. Pretty much, her job is to help out wherever and whenever there is a need for added creativity.  You would be surprised how many things pop up – a need for illustrations, video production, t-shirt graphics, logos – the list is endless (check out the sweet paper dolls she did for the blog a couple weeks back). It takes a special person to fill such a creative role, and her services have become something of a hot commodity around here. Not to mention, she is a total babe with her adorable outfits and take me as I come personality.  She’s tough in tattoos and cool vintage pieces, but full of humor at the same time. She never takes herself too seriously, and adds the perfect quirky touch into many of her looks.

Get the look with our out of this world Metal Rings

Get the look with our Super Cool Girl Fit-n-Flare Dress, the Bond Street Boot, a vintage cargo jacket and easy braids

Pair Molly style dresses with a great Collar or Bib Necklace.

The Bond Street Boot

An easy, but put together look with leggings, rad sneakers, and a statement work shirt.

The Lou Ankle Boot

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11 years ago

wow i love this girl! and how does one get a job like this?? i mean what kind of background do you need? any special degree?

11 years ago

except that tanning isn’t really a good thing…

11 years ago

i want to be her friend ;)

11 years ago

does she have a blog?

11 years ago

haters gonna hate.

11 years ago

This chick sounds rad. Looks like Philly was a good move for her! I love that little blue dress in the end sequence. Where can I get one like it?

11 years ago

She is adorable and I want to be best friends with her.

11 years ago

Sam! Get ’em tiger.