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By Tracy Allen ~ Week of May 28 – June 3, 2012


May 21-June 20

Chances are you feel like you’re putting a lot out there and not getting much back. That’s partly because three planets are transiting your sign, but one of them (social Venus) is backtracking. And to further complicate matters, two out of those three planets in Gemini butt heads with Pluto and Mars in your houses of other people’s resources and home/family. The simplest solution is to do your own thing and not to expect tons of support—financial or otherwise—from others. It’s just not the week for a loan or outside encouragement to see you through. But it is the week to independently follow through on a creative project and to cheer yourself on.






June 21-July 22

A preponderance of planets—including chatty Mercury—in your subconscious sector continues to rock the boat in ways that you can’t quite grasp. The trouble most likely involves secrets, misunderstandings, speaking out of turn or mishandling information. It’s quite possible that a desire you’re unaware of is the reason for a slip of the tongue. So if your communication has gotten an unexpectedly strong reaction lately, ask yourself what could be leading you to misspeak. Our subconscious causes problems when something wants to come to light and we refuse to look at it. It will cease to undermine you when you raise it to a conscious level and deal with it.




July 23-August 22

This week could be full of friends and social gatherings, due to a planetary party in your groups sector. And reconnecting with people you’ve lost touch with is a distinct possibility during the next month. Still, things may not be coming together so easily. Maybe it’s proving tough to get everyone on the same page or you’re not having as much fun as you expected to when you do manage to pull off a group activity. Alternatively, your money, schedule or workload could prevent you from hanging out with the gang. Make the most of whatever mingling you can fit in, and roll with the minor setbacks.





August 23-September 22

Thanks to planets in your higher-ups angle clashing with Mars in Virgo and Pluto in your creativity sector, a parent, boss or authority figure of some sort may not be too crazy about your initiative. He or she could misinterpret your actions as aggression, because of Mars’ feisty presence in your sign. Don’t play into their hands by getting angry. To avert a dispute, make a concerted effort to read this person psychologically. Virgos like to be able to wrap their head around something and get it under their control. And admit it, privately psychoanalyzing someone who’s irking you can be rather satisfying. Figure out what their deal is—to the extent that it helps you steer clear of trouble—then go on about your business.




September 23-October 22

You’re psyched about future plans (a trip maybe?); are full of big ideas that you hope to turn into a reality; and have been voicing some strong beliefs lately. But this is just one of those weeks where we’re all running into resistance and need to accommodate for it. Your particular hurdles are in your home angle, so either a family member or a roommate isn’t on board with your aspirations or opinions. Relief comes in the form of a close friend or significant other who can provide spontaneous insight. And with by-the-book Saturn in your sign, the real answer lies in doing your homework, in order to solidify your plan or back up your viewpoint.



October 23-November 21

Your deep, dark sign is dealing with some deep, dark stuff these days, and when planets in your intimacy zone jostle with your co-rulers, Mars and Pluto, it seems practically impossible to convey what you’re feeling. Besides, the emotional turmoil has worn you out to the point where you’re not sure you’re up to more processing anyway. Spiritual practice and exercise are excellent outlets for pent-up passion, rage, love, nostalgia, grief—whatever you’ve got going on in there. And they’ll replenish your mind, body and spirit. You could use that right about now!




November 22-December 21

The sun and Mercury in your relationship angle have a beef with transformative Pluto in your worth sector and doer Mars in your ambition house this week. So someone in your life can cause you to shift how you feel about yourself, how you handle your money and how you go after your goals. The best thing you can do now is to keep an open mind. Be flexible in your approach to these areas of life, and you stand to learn something useful from others. Adopt a curious attitude instead of assuming you’ve got the answers. That way, it’ll feel more like a lesson than a battle.




December 22-January 19

Lingering tensions with coworkers and/or a long list of responsibilities are the focus of your week. Planets in your daily-duties house are feuding with Pluto in Capricorn and possibly turning you into the bad guy. People at work may see you as power hungry or manipulative or destructive now, but those descriptions are at the extreme end of the spectrum. You may see it as going after what you want and positioning yourself strategically. Warrior Mars in your travel sector suggests a Memorial Day getaway could exacerbate the situation, probably by putting you behind schedule. Decompress when you get home from the office or a trip with your go-to self-soothing technique, whether that’s painting or curling up on the couch with Ben & Jerry’s.




January 20-February 18

This week brings opportunities for various varieties of play—including romance—and you probably have the intention of participating in whatever comes your way. The thing is, there’s so much going on inside you, and you can’t really put your finger on what’s throwing you off your game. All that emotional churning makes it hard to hit the dance floor with a clear head. Whatever’s stirring up your psyche these last several months (or maybe even years!) could be causing you to act a bit out of character. Give yourself a break, and opt in and out of the social whirl as you see fit.




February 19-March 20

You may have a tough time balancing home and family with relationships and friendships right now, but don’t take on the added stress that this is generating in your surrounding environment. Pisces tend to be emotional sponges, empathically soaking up the feeling state of those around them—a habit that can be incredibly draining at times. The best way to combat the tendency this week is not to give in to passivity. Force yourself to make choices among the various people who seem to be tugging at you, and try to detach yourself from their reactions.




March 21-April 19

Three planets are still hanging in your communication zone, filling you with ideas and the desire to get them across to people. But forceful Mars and Pluto in your job and ambition sectors mean coworkers and higher-ups might not be as receptive as you’d like. When you run into opposition, it gives you a chance to slow down for a minute and turn your brilliant brainstorm into a workable plan. Speed and enthusiasm are two of your strong suits, so this week’s tweaking could feel like trudging through mud. The planets are telling you that adjustment is the name of the game now, as tedious as that sounds. Running your revamped scheme past a friend or boyfriend can bring valuable feedback.




April 20-May 20

Bulls have a gift for accumulation, but if you’ve been accumulating more debt than wealth lately, that gift is becoming a curse! Your ruling planet, Venus, is retrograde in your money house—practically begging you to address the issue. Retrograde periods allow us to pause, retreat and look within ourselves. The past is called up, enabling us to rework the future. Potential problem areas: expenditures related to travel, education, creativity and recreation. What you’ve got going for you in your financial overhaul: intuition, ingenuity, work ethic and perhaps some wiggle room in your schedule.



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11 years ago

My horoscope is dead on! I love this blog so much :)

11 years ago

Woah… weird its so correct!!