The Moonstone Project

Moonstone Inc. was founded in 1983 by Larry and Sandy Robin, a third generation bookstore owner and early childhood educator who are also both artists.  Together, they set out to incorporate their separate activities with children and adults into a unified program, under the philosophy that true education must go beyond merely imparting information. For children, they established the Moonstone Preschool in Philadelphia, which aims to foster children’s educational strengths, promote positive self-expression, and facilitate the growth of free, inquisitive, independent, diverse, and cooperative minds.

Anthropologie’s visual team partnered with Moonstone Preschool to make spring-inspired watercolor textures – they visited the school’s afternoon art class and taped sheets of watercolor paper across the tables, and 3 moonstone students worked on each piece at the same time, from different sides of the table.  The students’ paintings are now on display in Gallery 543 and available for purchase – with 100% of the proceeds going to Moonstone Preschool. Not only is the story behind inspiring, their paintings are lovely – even the mason jars and paintbrushes are beautiful!

Photos by Julia.

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That sounds like a great project, traditional education basically discourages children to be creative, although that’s exactly what we need them to be.


how neat and creative! i wish there was something like this in my area where i could take my son.


This is awesome that you guys are doing this. As a teacher, it’s great that free people values the creativity of teaching young children.