The Story Behind the Shield

When we redesigned our blog, one of the challenges we faced was coming up with a symbol that could hold a sense of meaning for what the BLDG 25 blog is. We wanted something simple but thoughtful, that could become a stamp of sorts, an emblem of our future with the new blog and a homage to our past.

We went through a few different versions – from a circle to a more streamlined version of the shield, before settling on one that felt just right. The shield is a nod to our location in a former naval shipyard on the waterfront in Philadelphia, in a warehouse-style building with a brick exterior and a small black shield marking BLDG 25.

We chose the version with a hand-drawn feel, which felt in line with the things we design – crafted by hand with a special personal touch. I wanted to share the history and meaning behind our logo, stamp, and symbol in hopes that it makes you understand our blog and world a little bit more.


  1. i love the logo because there is a historical element with the armor but nothing too dated; and the hand written feel goes along side the free people spirit. i love it!

  2. I love ‘repurposed’ buildings! Here in Richmond, VA we have a ton of interesting buildings that are a part of our industrial history.

  3. I’ve been wondering about your shield for ages. Thanks for sharing, it’s really interesting to know where it comes from. :)

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