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By Tracy Allen ~ Week of June 4–10, 2012


May 21-June 20

With three planets camped out in your sign, by now you’ve noticed the line of people stretching around the corner. It feels like everybody wants a piece of you these days, and though it’s flattering, you’ve still got needs of your own. An eclipse across your relationship axis requires that you take everyone into consideration—your significant other, friends, family, colleagues—and of course, yourself. It’s going to seem like something’s flaming out, but try not to overreact. Take a breather and assess where your feelings intersect with those of all the people clamoring for your attention. Stop, like you would at any busy intersection, and note everyone’s position and intent.




June 21-July 22

“This is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one; the being thoroughly worn out before you are thrown on the scrap heap.” ~George Bernard Shaw


Courtesy of this week’s lunar eclipse, your mind is bursting with the following questions: Is my work teaching me enough? Am I serving a higher purpose beyond putting food on the table? Do I believe in what I’m doing? Do I have faith in the path that I’m on? Am I sacrificing too much for the wrong thing? And if you’re not asking yourself anything along those lines, give it a try. Such questions will produce really useful answers, or at least get you thinking about substantial issues that are worth addressing.



July 23-August 22

This week brings tension between your love life and your friends, possibly having to do with money or possessions. Sagittarius—your fellow fire sign—hosts a lunar eclipse in your romance zone, while three planets light up your group sector and Mars stirs up trouble in your resources house. And the kicker is, you’re a rather dramatic sign to begin with. So what you’ve got is a recipe for fireworks! Rather than allowing things to escalate, keep a lighthearted, flirty, charming attitude and wait for it to blow over by week’s end. P.S. There is an upside: Sparks flying in your romance zone may be exciting in a good way.




August 23-September 22

A lunar eclipse spells a tug of war between home and work that throws you off this week. The combination of Mars in Virgo and a conglomerate of planets in your career angle has kept you busy for the past several weeks, if not months. It’s also prompted you to focus a ton of effort on reaching goals and currying favor with higher-ups. With the warrior god in your sign, your instinct is to fight when everything hits the fan. If possible, channel that energy differently—devil-may-care Uranus is in your passion-and-intimacy sex house and offering the best outlet for your combustion. Get into a deep discussion with your best friend or a lover on a topic you’re passionate about. Or dare to reveal something personal and meaningful to someone you’d like to get closer to.



September 23-October 22

Are you living your truth? A planetary party in your beliefs sector faces off with the lunar eclipse in your mental zone, pushing this question to the forefront. And with active Mars kicking up dust in your house of hidden enemies, self-sabotage is a likely culprit. Figure out if you’ve been doing anything you’re unaware of that’s not in keeping with your stated opinions and philosophy—or if any unconscious behavior is undermining your future aspirations. Enlightening Uranus in your one-on-one angle suggests that a partner or friend can help you get to the bottom of it.




October 23-November 21

“A consumer is a shopper who is sore about something.” ~Harold Coffin


Resist the urge to indulge in excessive retail therapy when the lunar eclipse in impractical Sagittarius rocks your money sector. It’s tempting to blow off steam shopping, given the emotional rollercoaster that you’re stumbling off of, but the moon is about feelings and needs. What are the feelings that you’d like to forget? When you say, “I need the perfect little black dress,” knowing that you already have 11 hanging in your closet, what is the real, underlying need? A pile-up of planets in your interpersonal houses strongly suggests that what you’re trying to stuff down inside you concerns a certain someone. Honor that truth, and maybe allow yourself one special purchase that in some way expresses your state of mind.


November 22-December 21

The lunar eclipse—like a full moon on steroids—falls in your sign this week, accentuating your personal fulfillment. What does having it all mean to you? Do you see that as an attainable goal? Are you reasonably satisfied in your work life, home life, love life and social life? How do your relationships help you to come closer to having it all? Or do they somehow prevent it? A phase of one partnership is ending now. Evaluating its place in the context of the various areas of your life will help you to figure out how you feel about this change.




December 22-January 19

“Ambition, in a noble, virtuous mind, is the first passion that the gods implant, and soars to glory till it meets the skies.” ~Mercy Otis Warren


When the lunar eclipse rocks your spirituality and service sectors, it triggers a metaphysical crisis of sorts. As always, you’ve been working incredibly hard to fulfill your responsibilities, but a sense of emptiness permeates your spirit this week, making your actions feel a bit hollow. You yearn to feel connected to something beyond yourself, to know deep down that you’re doing more than just going through the motions. Tap into the impetus to make something of yourself in the world that you had in childhood. Get in touch with that drive to not merely achieve, but to contribute your unique gifts to the greater whole.


January 20-February 18

One fascinating conundrum about you Aquarians is that you’re staggeringly independent, yet you’re drawn to your fellow humans out of genuine curiosity. Somehow you manage to be both an individualist and a joiner at the same time. The duel between doing your own thing and considering the needs of others gets acted out this week, with the eclipse falling in your self-expression house and your group zone. To resolve the tension, try asserting yourself in a different way than you normally do. If you tend to pursue your own interests in a roundabout way, be more direct. And if you usually rebel when you find yourself in an undesirable situation, work on your diplomacy skills.




February 19-March 20

The dynamic between parents lays down a blueprint for their children’s future relationships. Parental interactions become a point of reference for how you relate to people one on one. This week’s lunar eclipse across your parental axis calls for an examination of how this initial dyad has influenced your adult relationships. And with catalyst Mars in your partnership angle, no doubt this issue’s already been coming up for a while. The nature of your current struggles will offer a clue: Are you finding it difficult to trust someone? Or are you perhaps unable to set firm boundaries? To understand what’s going on with you now, look to the past.




March 21-April 19

This week’s lunar eclipse highlights your thinking and beliefs sectors, drawing attention to the mindset that you acquired as a child and the philosophy that you’ve been forming as an adult. Take a look at how these have influenced your education and your plans for the future. And consider the possibility that recurring self-doubt has contributed to a disparity between your ideals and your present-day reality. You’ll have a strong impulse to bring about rapid change in the area of life that’s falling short of your expectations—restlessness in your career being the strongest possibility. Don’t do anything drastic until the smoke clears.




April 20-May 20

Listen to your instincts this week when a dramatic eclipse hits your sexuality and resources zones, bringing issues concerning value in relationships to the surface. You feel undervalued by your guy (or girl) or a friend—or you realize you have different values and want different things. Take notice of how your personal life might be at odds with your self-worth. As uncomfortable as this revelation is, it’s important to digest it. Mercury moves into your cognitive sector later in the week and harmonizes with compassionate Neptune in your friend sector, paving the way for a healing conversation with a sensitive pal.



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11 years ago

Aries got real. I love horoscopes

11 years ago

I love horoscopes, also, I did the Zodiac Nails last night (: Totally in LOVE. LInking back to FP!

11 years ago

The Pisces horoscope is not exactly very promising))) but they are never right, are they?))) anyway, thanks for sharing, it was fun)

11 years ago

I’m getting addicted to this horoscope! Keep it coming or I’ll get cranky – no one wants that…