Obsessions: From Our Videographer

Our videographer’s vision is unique — I think it kind of has to be if you have a flare for capturing poetry on film. She can translate thoughts and stories into an enjoyable 3-minute video and can inspire you with her interest after just a small chat.

Here she shares with us her obsessions.


My buddy and I just saw them play here in Philadelphia this past week. Dan Bejar is amazingly talented…and sexy. His music is beautiful – thoughtful and spirited. I love it.


The Kills – Last Goodbye:

This is one of my most favorite videos and songs — it embodies what I love: simplicity, rawness, subtle magic.
It’s the kind of video I’d love to make.


Noot Seear: She is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met, inside and out.

noot seearFireworks:They speak for themselves.


My new ring from Eva Kang: She is hilarious and has great taste. She’s from New York and would probably love to make you a ring, too.

Eva Kang

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