Album of the Week: Beachwood Sparks “The Tarnished Gold”

Beachwood Sparks is one of those bands that seems like they belong in the sixties – sweet, swirling psychedelic rock with a country twinge that should be listened to on a sunny day spent barefoot in the park. I’ve heard their music described as “country through a kaleidoscope,” a metaphor that I love. Even in their style they come across as space cowboys, ready to ride off into the universe and make music on the moon. Check out some tracks from their new album The Tarnished Gold below and tell me if you love them too!

beachwood sparks

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  1. I am absolutely fond of this album. I actually just traveled back from Grand Targhee Music festival, and I am appauled that you did not feature it on your blog. Please consider looking world wide for these music outbursts, including Wyoming. This festival is full of bluegrass music, and great fashion senses- Personalities. Thanks!

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