Style File: Copywriter

This week’s Style File is the talented lady behind all of the copy on our website. You read it, she writes it – and she looks great doing it. Her style is always feminine with touches of grunge. She loves tough jewelry and showing off those legs with short hemlines and simple black ankle boots. Above all, she’s one of the most easy going, FUNNY people I know. She will keep you laughing for days, and what’s more attractive than a good sense of humor?

Denim Vest, Minidress, Peace SignDylana Suarez, Denim Vest, Mini DressVintage Boots

The mini dress, denim vest, and black leather boots combination is
sort of my go-to at the moment. I’m not the type who likes to think
too much about what she’s going to put on in the morning and I always
know I’m going to feel good in something like this. Plus, I’m a fan of
everything ’90s fashion, and I feel like I’m channeling Clarissa
Darling in this dress.

Get The Look: Printed Drop Waist Shapeless Dress, Denim Vest, Star Cuff, Beartooth Valley Necklace, and Buckle Back Ankle Boot

Dylana Suarez in a Floral Kimono and MinidressFloral KimonoDylana Suarez in a Floral Kimono and Minidress

Kimonos are one of my most recent obsessions. I love that they
instantly transform something as basic as a tank dress into something
that feels fabulous and extra special.

Get The Look: Sweet Times Dress, Beach Favorite Jacket, Mystic Necklace, and Wayward Pendant

Dylana Suarez in Minidress and Cargo VestMinidress and Cargo VestDylana Suarez in Minidress and Cargo VestBlack Vintage Leather Boots

I have been in love with this Free People dress since I first saw the
handmade sample. It’s super easy and totally versatile. I never like
to look too dressy for work, so balancing its short length and pretty
pattern with my grungy cargo vest is how I love to wear it.

Get The Look: FP New Romantics Nearly Famous Shift Dress, Military Spring Parka, Oversized Friendship Bracelet, and Buckle Back Ankle Boots

Dylana Suarez in Rock Tee, Sheer Kimono, and Distressed JeansRock Tee, Sheer Kimono, and Distressed JeansRock Tee and Sheer KimonoDylana Suarez in Rock Tee, Sheer Kimono, and Distressed Jeans

Rock tee and kimono. One of my favorite combinations ever, and you can
find me sporting it at least once a week. I really have no idea how
this look came together, but it was fun to mix tough (boyfriend jeans
and vintage boots) and pretty elements (sheer kimono) together in one
look like this.

Get The Look: Floyd Constellation Tee, Slim Slouch Ankle Crop Jean, Printed Long Bed Jacket, Annabelle Neon Necklace, and Buckle Back Ankle Boots

Dylana Questionnaire

See what the rest of our office is wearing in Style File!

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11 years ago

love her style…want one of her kimonos…awesome jewelry too!

11 years ago

I’m envious of her layering skills, and so inspired!

11 years ago

She’s amazing! Totally going to try this for a simple morning alternative to jeans and a tee.

11 years ago

PS: Love to know where she got those shoes.

11 years ago

Her style is cute, especially the boots…

11 years ago

Hey Leisa – she picked them up at a vintage store called retrospect here in Philly!

11 years ago

I love her style so much! I have read her blog since I first started blogging & she’s always been a great inspiration. Wonderful, wonderful post! :)

11 years ago

i’m so in love with the kimonos!

8 years ago

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