Make A Collage To Get Your Creative Energy Back

You know those days you get when you have some kind of mental block, your creativity has dried up and your frustration kicks in. I got this day on Sunday; I planned to have a creative day but just couldn’t find any kind of stimulation to get myself going. I grabbed my iPad and started looking through blogs but found myself getting more and more frustrated. I wanted, needed to be tactile, so I put my iPad away and decided to go back to basics. I grabbed a pile tears I collected of things I loved, and started to cut and paste and made a collage that inspires me for Fall. It reminded me of my younger days and a time when we didn’t depend on technology so much. It took longer and I had much more appreciation for the work I was doing. My inspiration came flowing back and I felt alive again with accomplishment. So, if you ever get stuck with a mental block try going back to basics. It really does help.

Fall Collage

Fall Collage

My fall collage

fall collage

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10 years ago

Hi! I’m Laney and I absolutely love your store and your blog. I’m actually making a blog of my own at and I was wondering if it would be possible to use the collage you made as my background. I love it and would of course give you credit but i just wanted to do the right thing by asking you before i made it permanent. Thanks so much for your time! xo