Lingerie In Color

I dream of sweetness and when I dream of sweetness, lingerie, candy, flowers, sweet scents and pretty colours come to life.

Next week we are launching our intimates e-book and to celebrate I picked three lingerie pieces I admire and made up a world for each one. It’s true when they say our lingerie can change the mood we’re in.

Our Sea Breeze Bra

Ivory and purple make me think of purity with a dark side. The combination makes me think of a girl who’s shy but has a dark mysterious side. She dreams of living a wild life one day.

lingerie in color

Our Kamikaze Bra

Pink silk and yellow lace together reminds me of total sweetness; an English rose who loves her home and to be surrounded by loveliness her entire day.

lingerie in color

Our Biscayne Demi Bra

Red lace is sensual and brings to mind a fast and exciting life. The lady who wears red is confident and has fire in her eyes.

What world would you chose to live in?

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9 years ago

I LOVE the Sea Breeze bra!

9 years ago

I love all the lingerie FP carries….in theory. Unfortunately NONE of the bras ever go up to my size. It would be nice if you guys carried at least ONE item for the bustier ladies out there…

9 years ago

These are so pretty! Great inspiration

9 years ago

Such great inspiration! Love all these looks!

9 years ago

I love these images! You’re really selling me on FP lingerie, it’s too pretty :D

9 years ago

I purchased a cute black and whiter dress in a size 2 , but have not been able to return it .I ran in and the girls were very helpful. but I am unable to wear it any where . It is a little too fancy & too expensive for me to keep per husband. . May I please return it ? I purchased it about a month ago. Thank-You, Mary