Nail Art: All That Glitters

Glitter nail art seems to be the thing for this summer, and I can see why…

UPDATE: The post previously ran in July, but we wanted to bring it back
as one of our favorite things to do on the weekends is paint our nails.

When the sunlight catches the sparkles, it’s beautiful and mesmerizing at the same time. Against golden skin, glitter nail polish really catches my eyes . It just adds a little whimsical touch to your look and is perfect both for sunny days and for when the moon shines bright in the evening.

This summer try some glitter nails!

nail art

nail art

nail art

(image source)

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10 years ago

Free People always seems to be at the forefront on inspirational nail art!!!

10 years ago

love them and have to have please

10 years ago

love all that glitter!

10 years ago

Glitter nails are such a wonderful way to add magic to everyday. I like painting my nails a solid color and then doing an all-glitter ring finger when I want something more understated by still special. :) Now if only FP would come out with glitter polish like pictured in the second photo – I would be in heaven!

10 years ago

You should do a post on how to wear a bralette! I’ve bought way too many and hardly know how or when to wear them. Haha :)

10 years ago

any idea what the kind of nail polish is the one with the black and glitter on top? I LOVE that glitter ! let me know if you find out or know! its the perfect colors/cut outs/sizes!

10 years ago

The glitter nail polish is hand crafted by an artist named Lynnderella, I think she sells her nail polish on ebay! :)

10 years ago

Always looking for great new nail ideas! Check out this Leopard print DIY one!

10 years ago

Love it

10 years ago

This blog is so cool.
This blog has good videos like:The glitter nail video,the multi color nail video,and the hair videos.