Guest Post: DIY Climbing Knot Bracelet

This guest post is from Johnie Gall of

Rock climbing is not for the fainthearted. In order to make it up the face of a rock wall, you need strength, persistence, courage and knowledge. Without any one of those qualities, you might not be able to finish your climb and have to come back down…or worse. Every time I pull out my climbing rope, I’m reminded of all of those virtues – and to double check my knots.

That’s why my version of the friendship bracelet is the Climbing Knot Bracelet. It’s an easy-to-make gift for your BFF, and the figure-eight knot (an actual climbing knot!) in the center is meant to symbolize courage and keep her safe and strong. Here’s how to make it!

climbing rope knot bracelet


-1-2 yards of knotting cord

-Magnetic jewelry clasps



diy climbing knot bracelet

Step 1: Pinch your cord in the center and fold in half. Repeat again so you have two strands of cord on each side. One end will have a loop, the center should be a double loop and one end will have two loose strands.

diy climbing knot bracelet

Step 2 and 3: Give your double loop (in the center) a double twist and pinch between your fingers. Pull the looped end of your cord up through the double loop.

diy climbing knot bracelet

Step 4: Pull both ends taught. In the center you should now see a figure-eight knot. Double check it by counting in twos: Two strands out the bottom, two out the top, and each fold of the knot should have two strands of cord.

diy climbing knot bracelet

Step 5: Snip the looped end of your cord so you have two loose strands on each side of the knot. Tie the loose ends to the magnetic jewelry clasps.

diy climbing knot bracelet

Step 6: Snip off any excess cord and slightly burn the ends of the knots so they don’t fray or come apart.

diy climbing knot bracelet

Step 7: Go climb something!

Credit: Johnie Gall is the founder of

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  15. Omg what’s with all the comments about loans?? Wow…anywho..I was wondering exactly what kind of cording you used to make this bracelet? I really like it!

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