Our In-Store Stylists Are Ready For Fall Fashion—Are You?

We know we’re not the only ones with fall fashion on the brain. If you’re looking for new outerwear, denim, layers, or one special piece for a special occasion, fall shopping has officially arrived. This fall, get a little guidance in the style department—it’s no further than your local Free People store.

Whether you knew it or not, Free People has in-store stylists that can help you find what works for you, and they’ll work with you to explore taking your personal style to new levels. All you have to do is head to Free People, they’re already there waiting for you. Read below to find out why our stylists love sharing their Free People knowledge with you. They’re even giving style tips for fall, so keep reading!

“I love my job because it makes me so happy to help a customer when she finds an item she loves but doesn’t think she can wear, and together we find a ton of different ways she can style it. Nothing feels better than having a customer leave with a new favorite item for her wardrobe.” – Kylie, Highland Park

“I’m obsessed with our leather jackets, a must have for fall, paired with our velvet burnout flares and a long tunic such as the moon child graphic tee. Throw a sweater and a beanie on for cooler temperatures.” – Jenny, Rockefeller Center

“The best thing about my job as a senior stylist is being able to connect with people on a day-to-day basis about the one thing I’m passionate about, and of course that is fashion. Gaining trust from my customers is something I really value an take seriously and having them leave with excitement about their “new look” is definitely a perk I get to experience, and it keeps me motivated each and every day. Having my faves visit on a regular basis is also very exciting, knowing they’re returning because they trust me to style them for their next occasion is a true honor. It may sound cheesy but it is the definite truth!” – Nikki, Topanga

“I love making our customers feel good about themselves and confident in what they’re wearing. Dare to be different! Don’t be afraid to jump out of your box.” – Jess, King of Prussia

“What I love about my job as Senior Stylist is interacting with our customers and really getting to know them to delve into their personal style and help them with outfitting and styling as well as helping them reach outside their fashion comfort zone and try something new in their wardrobe.  I love layering fun jewelry (such as a long pendant necklaces and/or bib necklaces and piling on different types of bracelets: bead, wood, bangles).  Adding accessories such as a fringe bag, crochet over knee socks, and/or a tapestry fringe scarf, with flat over-the-knee boots can really take an outfit from day to night.” – Eileen, Atlanta

“I love my job because I like to surprise my customers with items they may not have thought to try on, or be able to wear until I suggest the perfect look for their style!  It’s rewarding when they leave with a newly found confidence!  A fun styling tip would be – to not be afraid of an item that’s a new trend at the moment.  When you mix it with your favorite subtle basics and accessories it becomes your own!” – Melanie, Boston

“I LOVE working for Free People because I’m constantly surrounded by a culture of inspiration, and our fashionable center city customers always blow my mind with their own outfitting each day! My favorite styling tip is to encourage LAYERS, especially this time of year!  It’s so great to show girls how to get a full layered look like those on our mannequins, even if it’s just by adding on the perfect tall sock or chunky cardigan!” – Kelly, Philadelphia


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Courtney H
8 years ago

Thank you! I’ve been bitten by the fall fashion bug. I’m so excited because I’m working on getting out of my fashion comfort zone. I’ve been so safe with my wardrobe, so I’m using this sesason to incorporate new pieces. I’m finally going to execute the looks I’ve kept in my head and own it.

8 years ago

What is the dress in the last photo on the left?

8 years ago

Like the knitwear of your pic, is this really yours?

8 years ago

I luv this website!! Awesome new looks, recipes, & ideas. ;-)