The Eight Limbs Of Yoga—And What They Mean

I try to practice yoga a couple of times a week, particularly when I’m feeling tense. Someone asked me the other day, “what is it about yoga that makes you feel good?” and I told them it’s all about the eight limbs. Practicing yoga doesn’t only focus on physical posture to improve the body, it helps all aspect of our selves and the lives we live. Ever since I started practicing yoga, I’ve been trying to teach myself the eight limbs and always have them consciously in my mind. The eight limbs are the eight aspects of a yogi’s lifestyle. They are guides to your personal development to achieve harmony in the mind, body and soul, which leads to enlightenment. Whenever you practicing yoga, you’re training your body and learning the eight limbs.

Below I drew myself a diagram to remember the benefits that yoga has. Over a few weeks I noticed a difference in my physical, mental and spiritual well-being, as well as the way I treated others around me. I had deeper self-knowledge and a clearer mind. Here are the eight limbs of yoga. While you practice, think of these and carry them into your daily life.

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11 years ago

hope you don’t mind-i’m always looking for new limbs education material so i printed out your picture. thank you <3

6 years ago

hope you refer the original text and credit where it is due. Also request adam and eve followers to stop converting poor!