Why We Love British High Tea

With the launch of our September catalog that was shot in London, we’re calling out everything we love about London over the next couple of weeks and “High Tea” is on the top of the list. When it comes to tea, you need to know one thing: When you drink English Tea from a fine china cup, time slows down for a moment. The elegance of lifting the tea cup and letting the tea soothe your insides is a favorite pastime that British people cherish, together with a small helping of sweet cakes, biscuits, and light sandwiches like egg and cress and cucumber.

British Tea Cups

One of my favorite places to go for High Tea is Liberty London, a tudoresque mansion that holds the spotlight on Great Marlborough Street, Central London.  Here I would enjoy some earl grey with friends come late afternoon and time would certainly slow down for a while.

British Tea

There is a joy and gift in the process of pouring tea from a tea pot for you and your friends; a sense of belonging and communion that comes with sharing the occasion. Do you have a favorite tea shop?

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I looooove the new catalog!!! :-) amazing job fp! Already want to see the next one :-).

Fortnum & Mason is great but if you’re in London at the moment the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party at The Sanderson Hotel is UNMISSABLE! Read my review of it here: http://lalakamasimba.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/a-very-mad-tea-party.html

My husband and I love to drop by Teavana…their tea is SOOO good. And they have such beautiful Teapots! :)


We had Afternoon Tea every Friday in my dorm at the University of Michigan. It was the best time, for we would all come back from a long week of classes and just relax with our friends while sipping hot tea and eating pastries, baked brie, and cucumber sandwiches. I’ll never forget how the late afternoon sun lit up the turn-of-the-century hall and lively chatter brought warmed the atmosphere. Also in Ann Arbor, there is a tea shop called “Crazy Wisdom.” On the first floor, you’ll find an array of spiritual books, ranging from Hinduism, to Wicca, to a section… Read more »

Nice post thanks…


Megan sounds like a boner.


brits are mad about their tea! there s so varieties and ways to drnk it! the best tea in my opinion is Russian caravan but hubby loves earl grey. a normal cuppa with tetleys is fab too! do u get these in the states?